Safety Advocates

Timothy Becker – Making a Difference in Truck Litigation

Distance does not play an important role in truck crash cases, according to Timothy Becker. “We have effectively litigated in 33 states and we have outstanding experts all over the country we can draw upon.” He goes on to promise, “When we get a call from someone who needs our specialized kind of help, we’re on a plane the next day.”

Becker understands how debilitating the fatality of a loved one can be and is compassionate for those people – willing to do everything in his power to bring justice to the issue. When he is not fighting for the rights of a client with Dollar, Burns & Becker, L.C., he serves as a member of the Truck Litigation Group of the American Association for Justice, which fights to uphold or appeal trucking laws to maintain safety on the road.

Becker believes strongly in doing everything he can for people affected by truck crashes. By actively taking part in the Truck Litigation Group, he is helping to prevent future tragedies from happening.